This is our full cloud service option for production. We expose REST, GraphQL and Websocket APIs over MongoDB via RESTHeart and we take care of all the implementation details.

  • Standard
    The optimum size for most applications' workloads
  • Plus
    Higher throughput and more storage
  • Custom requirements
    When you want a tailored installation

10% off for yearly payment

  • Pay as you go
  • Secure
  • High Availabile
  • Runs on AWS and MongoDB Atlas
  • Available on all regions
  • Deploy your plugins
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Buy the commercial license with our first-class technical support for running RESTHeart in production without incurring in the limitations of the Open Source license.

  • Commercial license
    Per production instance, different options available
    From €3.999
  • Custom terms
    When you need custom license and support terms
  • OEM license
    Embed RESTHeart in your product or sercice
  • Perpetual Business friendly license
  • Priority bug fixes
  • One year of support, renewable
  • Pay only for production instances
  • OEM license option
  • IP warranties
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Fill the form to get in touch with ujibang (Andrea) and mkjsix (Maurizio) from the core development team to get information on commercial licenses, technical support and professional services.

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